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About Dog Chew

Dog chews are made from pure cow’s milk which goes through diligent pasteurization and coagulation processes. The final product is then dried for a minimum of 30 days to deliver our premium quality dog chews. Dog chews are available in four different sizes to fit all a dog’s chewing needs.

With 3 different flavours:

  • regular
  • with dill
  • with turmeric

  • Made from cow’s milk
  • Dried 30 days
  • 4 different sizes
  • Premium quality

Product Composition (100g)

Crude fat 18.2%
Calcium 16.4%
Calories 433 kcal
Crude fat 18.2%
Lactose 0.66%
Lactose 0.66%
Crude protein 63.6%
Moisture >8%

Why It’s Good For Dogs?

Healthy, natural and preservative free

Perfect long lasting treats that help to keep your dog’s teeth white and clean, as well as giving an extra protein boost to your dog’s diet.

  • Healthy, natural
  • Preservative FREE
  • White & clean teeth
  • Protein boost

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